Clean Room
Installation, A/V 
Exhibited at : Galerie ELEKTRA (2023)

ELEKTRA Gallery,  Montréal, September 8th to october 21th 2023

Clean Room  

As part of the exhibition Salle blanche / Clean Room presented at Galerie ELEKTRA, Morgan Legaré continues his research into industrial automation and control, with particular emphasis on production lines.

Clean rooms, a term used in industry and scientific research, are aseptic, controlled production spaces designed to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles, in order to increase profitability and guarantee the quantity and quality of production.

The artist takes a sensitive look at the minimalist aesthetics of these industrial materials, reusing and sublimating the utilitarian codes of production line machinery. In this way, the imposing, delicate framework of extruded aluminum and acrylic appears as a case in which the 3D modeling tool operates its protocol to generate an installation and artistic corpus in real time.

This composition emphasizes the action in progress and questions the processes of artistic creation in the light of new technologies and mass production.


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