Installation, sculpture
Work in progress

Text : Jean Michel Quirion
Photo credit : Mike Patten
Places of exhibition : L’Œil de Poisson (2022),
Place Montréal Trust, MBAM appartments (2021)

Statement : 

Through his most recent achievements, Morgan Legaré is interested in the bilateral mechanisms between automation and control. Based on a specialty in the industrial control spectrum, automation is a process designed to increase output and production quality using advanced technology. According to the mechanics of this specialty, the artist creates in a counterproductive way with a 3D exploration software in order to challenge the reality of a work shared with this technology, as well as with materials to be worked.

The two-three-dimensional experiments with unsuspected spatiality, both physical and virtual, are integrated into the architectural components of the exhibition spaces. Extraction is understood as a series of installation micro-projects. Through architectonic interventions of an imposing fragility in aluminium profiles, Legaré built the rooms differently. Through images with illusionist effects, visual stimuli in textiles, material ambushes and devices-structures out-of-the-ordinary and protean, he diverts the perception of these places. Inherent in these media, digitally crafted images generate their own spatial variations and reveal sometimes liminal interstices. Forms and functions come into tension. What’s more, assemblies and mouldings of fibres with timeless consonances are available here and there on aluminum devices. Their stability seems precarious. Textile reliefs with polymorphic textures—sharp, striated, or twisted—that are protruding or grooved, are frozen into negatives. The reverse is exposed. The matter collapses and sinks. The works are slow processes and stubbornly ambitious, laborious and meticulous techniques. The realization processes, resulting from empirical know-how and applied gestures—not automated, but controlled—are salient. The pieces are thus extracted from the productivist and instantaneous logic that has become the norm.

Immersive, the monumental installation Extraction defeats the flow and contemplation. It offers a cognitive-perceptive experience to visitors.

The present corpus testifies to an attention proper to (on)productivity, de-re-constructed of signs and traces, immanent to what is made both by the hands of the artist in his workshop and on his screen.

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Morgan Legaré, Visual Artist, Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal (CAN)