Born in Trois-Rivières Morgan Legaré lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal.

He presented his work both individually and in a group exhibition at the Laroche/Joncas Gallery in Montreal. Legaré shares his involvement in the Montreal art community by acting as an active member of the artist-run center CIRCA art actuel. He also donates works regularly to organizations such as Les Impatients for their Parle-Moi d’amourfundraiser exhibition. In a future collaboration with curator Jean-Michel Quirion, he will present Extraction, a solo exhibition at the artist-run centre L’Œil de Poisson in Quebec City and participate in a research-creation residency at AXENEO7 in Gatineau. He will also participate in the 5th edition of Artch in Montreal. Legaré’s work can be found in the Majudia collection, Ubisoft Montréal, as well as in several other private collections in Quebec.

In progress
“Shapes and functions come into tension. What’s more, assemblies and mouldings of fibres with timeless consonances are available here and there on aluminum devices. Their stability seems precarious. Textile reliefs with polymorphic textures—sharp, striated, or twisted—that are protruding or grooved, are frozen into negatives. The reverse is revealed”

Digital Editions
Out of a completely abstract 3D world but curiously greatly connected with the trace and the phantom body


Born of an effort to make the exact reproduction of my last two series via a 3D exploration software

Solo Show Laroche/Joncas
Having as a starting point the mesh between virtual object and physical materiality. Printed images, architectures and spatial arrangements enter into dialogue in the exhibition space to generate new cognitive-perceptive experiences.

Je dirais pas non /
What it feels like to
be floating around
Audio | visual

An immersive installation questioning the viewer in relation to his perception of architecture by combining geometric abstraction and spacial organization.

No. 4
Sculpture | Painting

A reflection on the gap between architectural projects and their realization