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In progress
Extraction is the product of research on the manufacture of sculptures from different textiles via the assembly of an installation composed of extruded aluminum profiles.

Digital Editions
Out of a completely abstract 3D world but curiously greatly connected with the trace and the phantom body

Solo Show Laroche/Joncas
Having as a starting point the mesh between virtual object and physical materiality. Printed images, architectures and spatial arrangements enter into dialogue in the exhibition space to generate new cognitive-perceptive experiences.

Je dirais pas non /
What it feels like to
be floating around
Audio | visual

An immersive installation questioning the viewer in relation to his perception of architecture by combining geometric abstraction and spacial organization.

No. 4
Sculpture | Painting

A reflection on the gap between architectural projects and their realization

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Morgan Legaré, Visual Artist, Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal (CAN)