Born in Trois-Rivières, Morgan Legaré lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal.

Visual arts graduate and self-taught multidisciplinary artist, his practice oscillates between installation and media art. 

His works have been included in the Majudia and Ubisoft Montreal collections, as well as several other private collections in Quebec. His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, notably at the ELEKTRA gallery (2023), ARTCH (2022), L’OEil de Poisson (2022), or at the Laroche/Joncas gallery (2020). He is also a member of the CLARK artist centre and has donated his creations to organizations such as ESSE (Vendu/Sold) and Les Impatients (Parle-Moi d’amour). 


Morgan Legaré produces works through 3D renderings and digital prints, whose genesis is the mesh between the physical and virtual object. Printed images, modular architectures and both pictorial and sculptural spatial arrangements are superimposed in the exhibition space to generate cognitive-perceptual installation experiences. Forms and functions enter into tension. His proposals deftly thwart circulation and contemplation.

Through his most recent work, Morgan Legaré is interested in the bilateral mechanisms between automation and control. A true specialization in industrial control, automation is a process designed to increase profitability, as well as to guarantee the quantity—and quality—of production using advanced technologies. According to the workings of these technical systems, the artist creates in a counter-productive way with a 3D exploration software in order to challenge practices dehumanized by automation.